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We are the new buds into the industry of Information technology and unlike others we provide services to make our clients a Branded and helping to reach peaks in their lives.

Identity through Branding

Making our client & his business a brand in his sector inorder to cover the audiences through inbound way trading.

Leadership programs

We strongly belive that students are the future power and aspiring them to achieve a lot of things which we missed by training them to emerge into entrepreneurs who can sustain the modern era realm.


Our unique idea of merchantization helps our clients to know about the scope of their products/services globally. Along with that we provide an improved quality management process and all the guidance for a perfect import/export trading.

Database collection

We tend to initiate a process on database collection. Yes the future of the world depends upon the data's than the informations. We try to help our clients with a precise database of consumers or producers based upon his need.

Competitor Analysis

A complete competition analysis in the market based on a particular service/product will be provided on request.

A vantage support

We provide a kinda support where the clients can perceive the immense notion to get improvised by our attributes.

About us

Extross Global Research & Analytics a concern of well efficient graduates who are all professionals planned to provide a sustainable resource to all kinds of business inorder to get the dependability. Our ultimate aim is to work on a cause that every product that is manufactured by the MSME's and SME's of India to be known and used efficiently by the Indians for the well being of our nation.

Most of the persons in our group are engineers but our career we were into is completely not related to for what we are graduated. I am not pointing out anyone's cons on our present situation. My scope is let the future generation know about what is the LIFE and CAREER about?? How it can be frammed. We have frammed this as a leadership programs for schools and colleges(Mainly for government schools).

Society Experiance


Competitor analysis


leadership programs




Our Portfolio

We are a bud, our works will be represented when we really achieve something. We tend to acheive not on a normal path. We believe that we achieved to the stage, when we are the exemplars.


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Quality of Service

Blog Posts

Here are some of blogs that our team had written so far. We are under a research to provide the blogs that are most relevant to our business

Importance of love and care in once life

January 31, 2017 in Care

Written by our team member Vivin.

Google Amnesia

February 13, 2017 in Science

Written by our team member Bala.

Back end of Websites

March 26, 2017 in Software Development

Written by our team member Bala.

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Anyone who is interested of knowing us can contact us at any time or leave a message of the respective contact methods provided.

We need a huge support from all of you, we started this firm only by believing the people and our strengnths. Hope for everyone's betterment.